An Intro to Craft Foto
by Dave Zinsman


I started Craftlogica, a B2B marketing company in 2014, shortly after giving that speech in the image above—more on that later. Over time, we turned away many requests from individuals for personal branding photography as we were primarily focused on consulting. We had to turn those requests away because it was difficult to offer consumer friendly pricing while maintaining the very high quality to which we were committed. A strong desire to crack that nut combined with my belief in the retail photography market was the business imperative to start Craft Foto, but that’s not where my journey here actually began.

My journey here actually began with an art project I had in the first grade. My teacher gave each child in the class a specially prepared piece of A3 craft paper upon which we were to color a map of the neighborhood. I’ll never forget that day—it was the first time I felt an intense aversion to producing the same thing as everyone else. That afternoon, I “lost” that class-issued piece of paper and proceeded to make my own 5×5 ft. canvas by taping together several large sheets of dot matrix printer paper—remember it? I then made a 3d map of not only the neighborhood but nearly half the city complete with freeways.

I learned some important things that day. I learned that I have an innate creative bias toward pushing the limits of whatever media I’m working with, and most importantly that I can’t stomach making ordinary things. From my own work, to urging my MBA classmates to adopt a “masterpiece mindset” as seen above, to Craft Foto—passion is my passion.

I started this company to share that with others. The same way I “lost” that class-issued process in my first formal art project in the first grade, I “lost” the standard model of consumer photography, in favor of a more inspiring model when I set out to build Craft Foto. I hope this gives you a better idea of the intent behind the Craft Foto slogan.

For All

I think that no matter who you are, you deserve to look like you’re in a magazine. I think if you depend on your personal brand to grow your career, business, or craft not only do you deserve it—you need it. The difficulty has always been that premium commercial services are costly and inaccessible to consumers. Craft Foto was built to overcome those hurdles. We committed to redefining the price entry point for a consumer to achieve commercial level quality. In our analysis, that entry price point is several thousands of dollars when factoring in not only the session fees but the pre-production design process, and licensing structures for the client to then use the assets. We structured our business model and process to break through that price entry point with a base Craft Foto package of $350.

We painstakingly structured what we believe to be the leading workflow in retail photography. We broke down an entire creative commercial engagement and shed all the excess service minutes that add up to billable hours. We looked at every minute of the customer journey: the entire marketing funnel all the way through to after sales interactions. We removed every minute that could possibly be cut while still maintaining very high quality. By doing that we arrived at our base package of an initial consult; design brief service; 30-minute studio photo shoot; extended image selection; 3 developed and lightly retouched images; LinkedIn and website mockups for client final selection; and 1 final fully retouched image—all for $350. We didn’t stop there. From that pool of shaved minutes we pulled out the most valuable ones and layered them on top of the base package to form three value-added advanced packages: Studio, Studio Plus, and Studio Pro.

Achieving a breakthrough price entry point was just as much an exercise in what we’re going to do as it was an exercise in what we we’re not going to do. Our offerings depend on us being very disciplined in our scope, so we currently offer this service exclusively in the personal branding genre—portraits and advanced compositions for professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs. That being said, bringing the “Commercial Photography For All” promise to other genres like wedding, family, and architecture is in the pipeline for the future—stay tuned!