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This is our process for every project.

Craft Foto Photography Process

1. Initial Consult And Booking

  • Discussion to understand your goals.
  • We’ll make recommendations to achieve your goals.
  • You finalize your package selections and book a session date.

2. Design Brief

  • Project kickoff with a need finding session.
  • Basic audit of your personal brand.
  • Composition spec sheet with your preferences.

3. Collaborative Photoshoot

  • Verification of spec sheet before beginning.
  • Images review during shoot to zero in on the right look.
  • Images selection immediately after shoot to work together to choose your 3 favorites.

4. Mockup Round

  • We develop and lightly retouch your top 3 images.
  • Within 3 business days of your shoot, we send you a final selection document with mockups showing you what your images will look like in your desired placement and in LinkedIn.
  • After you select your final image, we’ll fully retouch per the final composition spec sheet in the design brief.

5. Final Delivery

  • For 3 or less final images, we’ll deliver within 5 business days after your final selection.
  • For each final image, you’ll receive a full quality TIFF version, and a JPG version suitable for web.
  • Delivery will be via an email sent to you with a download link.

6. Licensing

  • For individuals, we give you a license in writing granting you rights to use the image(s) to promote yourself, in any medium, at any size, globally, and in perpetuity.


Advanced Design Brief

The advanced design brief involves not only working together to define your general personal branding needs, but also specific placement requirements, and advanced composition given various hair, makeup, wardrobe, and background decisions. Examples of this are a full-size hero banner for your website, a book cover, etc.

Advanced Design Brief Workflow:

• In person need finding session to discover your personality and goals.

• If applicable you provide us any specific deployment materials, such as a section of your website where the composition will be placed, an advertisement design file, etc. 

• We work with you to articulate a description of your goals, and how we’re going to achieve them.

• We send you mockups that depict various looks to achieve your goals. This might be a full page website banner image mockup, a LinkedIn mockup, etc.

• You provide us feedback, and we complete up to 2 rounds of mockup modifications.

• We finalize the design brief with a clear statement of our vision for the project, and how we’re going to achieve it..

Re-shoot Coverage

When you purchase a pre-configured package or standalone Re-Shoot Coverage, it’s easy to keep your personal brand up to date in the event of:

A significant change in your appearance.
A career change requiring new personal branding.

Additionally, you may redeem 50% off of any Craft Foto service during your Re-Shoot Coverage period—not applicable to 3rd party hair and makeup or additional Re-Shoot Coverage. 

Appearance Change
This applies to significant changes in physique, hairstyle, braces removal, etc. For instance, going from dark brown to blonde hair color.

Career Change
This applies if you get a new job that requires new industry-specific photography. An example is someone who leaves a career in law to open a surf shop.

What’s Included in the Re-Shoot?
A one-time project which includes everything in the base project; a 1-hour shoot; and 1 fully re-touched portrait. Any Craft Foto service other than 3rd party hair and makeup may be added onto a Re-Shoot project at a 50% discount. No deposit is required for the Re-Shoot project. If hair or makeup services are added to a Re-Shoot project, a 50% deposit is required.

Commercial Files

This is for clients who may require files for a production workflow. Typical file delivery is a “flattened” JPG image which severely limits designers and technicians who may need to modify the file for various outputs. Our Commercial Files service includes specially prepared PSD files for maximum flexibility.

PSD Explained

PSD is a Photoshop file. We do retouching in Photoshop; a single image involves dozens of modifications to affect your overall appearance; multiple local brightness and contrast effects across the composition; multiple local color values; and various other aesthetic modifications.

The deliverable for a standard photo shoot is most often a JPG file which is flattened, meaning all of the modifications made in Photoshop are burned in. Think of it in terms of iron on letters for a t-shirt. You can move all of the letters around to get everything just right. Once you actually iron the letters onto the t-shirt that’s it—it’s burned in. There’s no modifying it from there.

Think of the specially-prepared PSD file we give you like using velcro letters. Everything can be modified as needed, and if someone needs to start all over, they can. This is a nice-to-have if you’ll never need the file for anything other than a profile photo for LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.. This is a must-have if your images will be used for marketing materials on web, print, or video.

Hair and Makeup Before Shoot

Hair and makeup before shoot is provided by a Craft Foto preferred artist, and is completed at the studio shortly before the session.

Hair and Makeup During Shoot

Hair and makeup during the shoot is provided by a Craft Foto preferred artist. The added value with this service is that the artist keeps you picture perfect for the duration of the shoot, which results in more high quality shots to choose from, significantly improving the shoot output.

On-Site Wardrobe Consultation

On-Site Wardrobe Consultation is recommended in conjunction with hair and makeup service to take full control of every visual layer that will appear in your image(s). The recommended workflow is to bring up to 30 of your current outfits onsite to the studio toward the end of your Design Brief. We’ll assess your current options to achieve the creative vision, and will candidly rate your options on a 1-10 scale.

Shopping Assistance
We’ll recommend a shopping trip if you don’t currently have at least two options that rate a 10 in terms of achieving the vision we establish together in the Design Brief. We’ll recommend specific stores given your budget and accompany you on a shopping trip to pick out the perfect options.

Alterations Assistance
For clients who require new clothes needing alterations, we have a preferred tailor in Santa Clara, and a preferred seamstress in Palo Alto. We will accompany you to your fitting if required.

*We don’t recommend shopping for clothes online for your photoshoot as gauging fit and textures tends to be unreliable.

1-Hour Test Shoot

The purpose of the test shoot is to significantly increase the quality of the production shoot, and is done several days before the actual production shoot. During the test shoot we find the most flattering lighting setup for your face given the design brief goals. During the test shoot, we also create prototypes of the compositions planned in the Design Brief and work with you to further hone the best approach.